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Program Overview and Assurances

The Sierra Vista Elementary After School Education and Safety Program (ASES) provides additional learning opportunities in a safe and respectful environment. Our purpose is to prepare students to succeed academically as well as grow socially, physically and emotionally. With our highly qualified staff, we are able to provide academic intervention, an opportunity for
homework assistance, enrichment activities and a snack daily. The goal of our targeted instruction is to
meet the needs of diverse students using standards based curriculum, technology
and enrichment activities.

The School will:

* Offer a program which provides academic intervention, an opportunity to work on homework, enrichment activities and snacks

* Provide a program which supports and compliments daily classroom instruction

* Provide a highly qualified, caring staff

* Provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the program

* Provide a nurturing and safe learning environment

The Parents / Guardians will:

* Ensure regular attendance for the entire daily program

* Ensure your child has appropriate behavior

* Pick up your child at 6:00 p.m.

* Call / notify the program coordinator when your child is absent

* Provide and maintain an up-to-date emergency card on each child

The Students will:

* Come ready to learn, have fun and cooperate with others

* Take responsibility for learning during intervention time

* Work on homework during homework assistance time

* Attend every day, Monday through Friday, for the entire daily program

* Follow the rules stated in the Discipline Plan

* Behave appropriately and respectfully

Frequently Asked Questions


Will ASES help my child in their regular classroom and in preparing for the CST?

ASES teachers work in coordination with the regular classroom teachers to provide interventions based on grade level standards and current units of study. ASES teachers also work with students on test taking strategies and skill reinforcement to help insure students are equipped to do their best on class and state tests.

Is ASES a Homework Club?

ASES ISan after school intervention program NOTa homework club. Homework is done at the end of the day so if your child leaves prior to the homework support block it becomes their responsibility to complete their homework at home. However, if they stay the full duration of the program, they will receive homework support and/or tutoring from our ASES teachers. Parents are welcome to join us during homework time so they can see how their child’s instructor
teaches the material.

Does my child need to attend ASES every day?

YES, in order for ASES to be a successful intervention program, your child needs to attend EVERY DAY.
Our staff works diligently to plan and provide interventions and support each and every day. On Fridays, students
have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities not offered on other days of the week including cooking, board games, sports, computers and more. The students very much look forward to these fun, engaging activities!
If your child is involved in a parallel program (sports, dance, etc.) and needs to be excused, please contact Mrs. Leach at (951) 736-3311.

What do students do during ASES?

All students receive intervention in reading and math provided by an ASES teacher, as well as homework support and a wide variety of enrichment opportunities.

Grades 2 - 3 (Monday- Thursday)

2:57-3:20 Supper

3:20-4:40 Homework Support/Language Arts & Math Intervention

4:40- 5:00 Snack and 100 Mile Club

5:00- 5:45 Continue Homework Support/Language Arts and Math Intervention/Class Activity

5:45-6:00 Closing Activities and Dismissal

Grades 4 - 6 (Monday-Thursday)

2:57-3:20 Supper

3:20-4:40 Homework Support/Language Arts and Math Intervention

4:40-5:00 Snack and 100 Mile Club

5:00-5:45 Continue Homework Support/Language Arts and Math Intervention/Classroom Activity

5:45-6:00 Closing Activities and Dismissal

Grades 2-6 (Friday)

2:57- 3:20 Supper

3:20- 4:20 Enrichment/Class Activity

4:20- 4:50 Snack and 100 Mile Club

4:50- 5:45 Continue Enrichment/Class Activity

5:45- 6:00 Closing Activities/Dismissal

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